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Bluehost is a popular web hosting service provider in the world because of its cheap price. More than 2 million people choose Bluehost to publish their websites.  It is proven that Bluehost is the most popular in the industry. 

-- What You Get In $2.95/m Price --

bluehost web hosting
  • Free Domain

    Bluehost gives you a free domain for 1 don’t need a separate money cost for the domain in first 1 year.

  • SSL Certificate

    Bluehost provides free SSL for their all customers in every plan. So that’s why you don’t need to buy it.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    You have 30 days to check Bluehost services. If you do not feel good about Bluehost services company will give you your money back.

  • Migration Fee

    If you want to migration your website you have to pay $100+. This price is very high.

Esay To Use







User Friendly

1 Year Free Domain

Free SSL Certificate

Money-Back Guarantee

Page Loading Time(153ms)

Uptime (99.99%)



Price Double When Renew

Limited Services But Marketing Unlimited

No Monthly Services For Most Popular Shared Hosting

Migration Free

bluehost review 2021


Bluehost is the old web hosting company. Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton. In 1996 Bluehost was conceived by Matt Heaton. Bluehost was founded in 2003.

Bluehost is a fast, optimized, and advanced web hosting company. The Best thing about Bluehost is WordPress has directly suggested Bluehost for hosting WordPress sites since 2005.

Plans And Price

Bluehost review 2021

Bluehost price is most cheap from other web hosting companies. Their Basic Shared Hosting Price Starts from $2.95/month. But sometimes they increase their basic price to $3.95/month.  See the full Price Cart

Bluehost has many types of hosting plans. The main three are Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated. This is the main hosting plan for almost all hosting company.

- Shared Hosting

Bluehost’s most popular hosting is shared hosting. Shared Hosting has 4 different plans. The basic plan starts from $2.95/month. In this basic plan, you will get permission to publish only one website. When you choose other plan from shared hosting you can publish more website. Also, you will get 50 GB SSD Storage, and 1-year free domain, and free SSL certificate.

- VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS hosting three has different types of plan. The standard plan start from $18.99/month. You will get 2GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage  and many more.

- Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated hosting has three different types of plan. The standard plan start from $79.99/month. You will get 4GB RAM, RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 500 GB  and many  many  more.

Bluehost has the easiest dashboard for its customers. Bluehost is the most advanced and easy-to-use web hosting company. Their dashboard is pretty simple.

Bluehost Pros

bluehost review 2021

1 year Free Domain :

Bluehost gives 1-year free domain for all of their categories. Isn’t it awesome? If you are a beginner you don’t need to worry about domain costs. So enjoy the free domain.

Free SSL Certificate :

Security is important in our normal and online life. Bluehost provides free SSL for their customers that’s why you don’t have to buy it.

This SSL provides your visitors feel safe. And your visitor all information will be safe by this SSL. This SSL builds trust in your website and also you.

30 Days Money Back :

When we are beginners we don’t know fully about any product. But when we start using it we find out what is wrong with any product. If the wrong thing is not bad for us we can use but if it harms us and is not usable for us we need our money back.

Bluehost gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. So in 30 days, you can find is it good for you or not.

You have 30 days to check Bluehost services. If not feel good in Bluehost services company will give you your money back. But the condition is you have only the first 30 days.

Support :

You have 3 different ways to get support. Knowledge Base, Chat, Live. So if you find some problem you can use any of it. From our research, we find Bluehost gives the best support in a quick time. Users of Bluehost claim that they never had to wait for their support.

Page Loading Time :

A web page’s loading time depends on many things. Your website size, website CSS, animation, images, and as well as web hosting. I will discuss about them in another post now I discuss Bluehost page loading time.

Bluehost page loading time is 153ms. If you ask me is this the quickest? No, it is not. There are many other companies that give better page loading time but as a beginner, it will be the best for you.

When you are a beginner your website will be small, your website traffic will be not much. So the cheapest rate web hosting will be the best for you.

Uptime :

Uptime is very important in hosting. Every web hosting service has uptime and downtime. Here uptime means how much time your website is visible and downtime means how much time the website will not be visible.

I told you earlier Bluehost is the fastest web hosting service company. Bluehost uptime 99.99% which means your website downtime is 52.60 minutes in a year. That means Bluehost is the most advanced hosting company. You don’t need to worry about it. Bluehost is pretty fast and advance in every sector.

Bluehost Cons

Double hosting cost :

The most annoying and frustrating thing about Bluehost is its renewal prices. When you new user you will get a cheap price for hosting but when you renew your plan this will be double in that time.

You enjoy the low price service minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years.

Limited But Unlimited :

Many hosting companies provide unlimited features in their plan. Really are they fully unlimited? No, It’s not. All of them have some limits. Companies don’t give full control over it. So Every Unlimited has some Limit.

Bluehost is not different from them they provide many unlimited services in their plan but they are not fully unlimited.

Monthly Service :

Bluehost has no monthly service in their plan. They have a yearly plan. It’s not only for Bluehost most hosting companies don’t provide monthly hosting. It’s all about Yearly.  You can buy minimum for 1 year.


Now you know everything about Bluehost.  If I tell you shortly about Bluehost hosting we found Bluehost is the most fast, uptime and they provide good page loading speed.

Bluehost is most popular for its cheap rate hosting prices. If you ask me is Bluehost good for hosting in 2021? I will definitely say that Bluehost is the number 1 ranking web hosting company.

If you compare with other hosting companies you will find Bluehost provides their service at a low cost but they provide every service in it.

Bluehost provides customers 1-year free domain, free SSL Certificate in their every plan. So 2 Million people choose Bluehost. Now it’s up to you You choose Bluehost as a hosting company for you or not.

My Opinion

If you are a beginner, freelancer, developer, blogger or you have a small business I will suggest you Bluehost shared hosting plan. You can choose Bluehost to start your online journey.

On the other hand, after use Bluehost, if you don’t think this is good for you, you have the option to refund it. Because Bluehost has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But if you want to publish a big company website you can not use Bluehost shared hosting because it will be slow up your website.

If you want to start an e-commerce website like (amazon, e-buy, etc) or a big company(Facebook, Instagram, etc)  you can not use shared hosting.

I ensure it, you can choose any web hosting company to publish your website but shared hosting is not for this kind of website. You have to choose other hosting service plans.

Thank You So much For Stay With Me. Please comment on what you think about Bluehost and Your Experience.

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